Reverse Sleep Apnea with Respiratory Normalization: 100% Success Fee

Buteyko Respiratory practitioner, Volker Schmitz, talks with main professional on the Buteyko Respiratory methodology, Dr. ArtourRakhimov, about sleep apnea in relation to Buteyko Respiratory methodologies.

Volker Schmitz asks Dr. Artour what causes sleep apnea and what sleep apnea victims can do to sleep higher at night time.

Dr. Artour dives proper to the guts of sleep apnea victims anguish as he describes how sleep apnea victims lose carbon dioxide via hyperventilating whereas sleeping, leading to respiration cessation for five to 7 seconds or extra.

Stressed nervous methods go into states of shock from not respiration for seconds at a time.

Dr. Artour says that “Paradoxically, what happens is that people don’t wake up so they don’t remember those episodes” of no respiration; nevertheless, “The main problem for people with sleep apnea will come when they are not able to get into deep stages of sleep.” Deep sleep is important for our reminiscences, mind waves, and deep muscle rest.

Excessive sleep apnea circumstances may end up in psychological fog, focus difficulties, daytime drowsiness and risks of falling asleep whereas driving.

Medical professionals flip to 3rd era sleep apnea respiration machines with sensible expertise to advertise regular respiration whereas detecting respiration cessation, after which helping by forcing air in when respiration stops.

Probably the most technologically superior machines can present a rating for the affected person to assessment how nicely she or he slept all through the night time.

Dr. Artour explains to Volker Schmitz that sleep apnea sufferers initially expertise an affinity to the respiration machines as a result of sleep apnea victims expertise aid from daytime drowsiness and start feeling higher from getting a superb night time’s sleep.

Nevertheless, to be freed from the sleep apnea machine, respiration retraining is important. How does one cease the cycle of utilizing a sleep apnea respiration machine?

As soon as one achieves about 12 breaths per minute routinely all through the night time on his or her personal, then the sleep apnea machine is now not wanted.

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Dr. Artour solutions Volker Schmitz’s query about elements that contribute to sleep apnea reminiscent of being obese and incorrect sleep positions. Dr. Artour factors to the Buteyko Respiratory approach, diy respiration machine or Frolov machine use, ketogenic food regimen implementation, and his web site,, as instruments to help in automated unconscious respiration retraining.

Volker Schmitz suggests consulting a Buteyko skilled practitioner to find out how and when a nighttime mouth respiration deterrence reminiscent of mouth taping may be safely utilized by sleep apnea victims.

Dr. Artour concludes by saying as soon as sleep apnea sufferers have elevated their physique oxygen ranges and obtain 35-40 seconds for the morning management pause check, they’re ultimately in a position to wean themselves “off the machine.”

Many books written by Dr. ArtourRakhimov can be found via It’s straightforward to search out Buteyko Respiratory methodology professionals via a web based search to help in your journey to higher well being. Nevertheless, solely those that achieved regular respiration themselves 24/7 can help with such superior or difficult situation as asleep apnea.

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